• Location:

    Kusthal Rotterdam

  • Date:


  • Material:

    a ) Upstairs - 300 leaking rubber boots, filled with water, dripping systeem. b) downstairs- tiny wooden frame covered with a thick layer of loam (clay)

  • Size:

    15 m x 4.50 m, two floors


Arjen Lancel / J.B. Koeman
a) 150 pairs of boots filled with water are leaking through a metal grate-floor on a management interior made out of loam downstairs. The leaking slowly transforms the loam- sculpture downstairs into a delta landscape.
b) Standing near the table you can look up through the grate- floor ceiling and see a crowd of boots from underneath . These boots had to be filled with water three times a week and they were leaking through a small metal pipe. The installation downstairs is placed in a large water-bassin.
The large grate-floor in the Kunsthal, notorious for its anti- female ( ‘look in’ from downstairs and high heels breaking) construction and its disregard for those visitors with vertigo but wellknown for its transparency, was in fact the starting point for this project. Is this about cause and effect? A guilty object upstairs and a victim object downstairs? If we picture the boots as a large group of visitors we must admit that it is not a very convenient situation to have your boots all filled with water.