Arjen Lancel

Artist and Curator

Ghost cry because they don’t exist

  • Location:
  • The Canadaplein - Alkmaar
  • Date:
  • 2000
  • Client:
  • The counsel of the city Alkmaar
  • Technics:
  • Fountain sculptures of Cast Aluminium. Tap water runs down from the eyes into a grating of steal, this grating also closes off the waterbasin under the fountain. At night quicksilver lamps shine up from the steal grate underneath the figures. Each sculpture is grounded with a concrete foundation.
  • Size:
  • Each sulpture is approximately 2.10 m high

Sculptures on a permanent bases, placed on a square in the old city of  Alkmaar is situated thirty-five kilometers north of Amsterdam. The ghosts are commissioned by the municipality for the new to build, so called cultural-hart of the city: which includes a theater, a museum for new and old art and a liberary, all conceived by Mecanoo Architects. In the corner of this square formed by these buildings I placed my three Ghosts. Ghosts can impersonate caracters, they can cry but they will always be empty hulls. These hollow forms are not only looking at you, as a spectator, you can also look through their eyes inside the sculpture. This way you can peep into the sculpture as a cast of the original. We the people are in many ways also like ghosts for each other. In general we only see the outside, the exterior or a certain rol we try to fullfil.