Arjen Lancel

Artist and Curator

Shadowboxing – Бой с тенью (darkness & obscurity)

  • Location:
  • Project Loft ETAGI - St. Petersburg Russia
  • Date:
  • 2013
  • Curator:
  • Arjen Lancel & Frans Franciscus
  • Artist:
  • Arjen Lancel | Frans Franciscus | Ronald Ophuis | V&B (Alex Jacobs & Ellemieke Schoenmaker) | Pietsjanke Fokkema | Ron Amir | Maaike Visser | Marnix Goossens | Christian Zwanikken | Leonard van Munster | Franciscus & Franciscus.


Club Interbellum and Project Loft ETAGI present: Shadowboxing – Бой с тенью.

Flashlight as a guide to find obscure art in the darkness!

Imagine an otherworldly walk through a haunted house, or through a ‘black box’ (as a counterpoint to the white cube) where outcomes are essentially unpredictable. Visitors will be given a small flashlight at the entrance, their only guide to find the art in the dark and decode its subliminal messages.

During the famous white nights of St. Petersburg, when the sun never goes down completely, a versatile group of Dutch artists will create Shadowboxing, a subliminal art experience in the complete dark. Three weeks long, visitors can get a taste of some of the best Dutch contemporary art has to offer at the moment. A series of visual arts, performances, installations and events will warp the visitor into a shadowy world.

Shadowboxing combines an ongoing exhibition curated by Arjen Lancel and Frans Franciscus with a work residency of Eddie the Eagle Museum and Serge Onnen, who will develop a series of installations and performances in close collaboration with the local (artist) community.