Arjen Lancel

Artist and Curator

Low Tech

  • Location:
  • Arti et Amicitiae - Amsterdam
  • Date:
  • 2006
  • Curator:
  • Arjen Lancel
  • Artist:
  • Christiaan Zwanikken | James Beckett | Harco Haagsma | Jasper van den Brink | Arjen Lancel | Kristof Kintera | Florian Göttke | Tomo Sevic-Geçan | Maartje Folkeringa | Frederik Foert | Leo van Munster | Eric Staller


Low Tech is an exhibition with 12 internationally recognised artists. As inventor-artists they are specially interested in creating moving objects. In their electromechanical installations they include technical, poetic and symbolic elements that are playfully balanced together. Together they form the meaning and stories of these pieces or ‘Art Apparatus’. Obviously this art form needs to be more than passive. The object gives a function to its self and shows the function that art can have in general. The viewer could distrust these kind of objects because they are more or less autonomous, you can only follow their movements, admire them and only partly bring them to life by your own imagination and interpretation. The artists use functional objects, combined with the imagination we can see in films and fiction stories. A lot of the inspiration we find in a humorous and romantic criticism of modern life and our attitude as merely passive consumers of all kinds of apparatus, including objects of art. But this doesn’t leave unnoticed their own obsession with all kind of machines and intelligent moving objects.

Curator en vormgeving tentoonstelling: Arjen Lancel (met dank aan RadekVana)
Techniek en Automatic bar: Richard Trevors
Produktie: Arti et Amicitiae en Arjen Lancel.

Photo 1: Overall view

Titels Mister President / Eric Staller, 2003
Good Vibrations / Arjen Lancel, 2005
Meisje ( Girl ) / Maartje Folkeringa, 2004
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly / Christiaan Zwanikken, 2005
Carmen Electra / Frederik Foert, 2004
We have got the Power / Kristof Kintera,2005
I’m sick of it all / Kristof Kintera , 2003
Flag / Jasper vd Brink, 2003