Arjen Lancel

Artist and Curator

AL in De Nederlandsche Bank

  • Location:
  • De Nederlandsche Bank - Amsterdam
  • Date:
  • 2002
  • Material:
  • mixed-media
  • Size:
  • Total of 9 showcases. Height 2m

A survey of the solo exhibition in the meeting hall of the National Bank of the Netherlands.
The sculptures are made or altered in such way they got an extra meaning when placed in one of the show-cases. I was searching for a connotation as if the exhibition could be a collection of ethnological artifacts and objects of natural history.
From left to right in the overall picture:
1  ‘Nostalgia and the task of the artist’ 1994/2002 (Brushes with cathedrals instead of the brush-hair);
2  ‘Pinocchio the Elder’ 2000 (A black rubber nose moves in the wind, produced by the fan):
3  ‘Fracture’ 1995 (Thigh-bone cut out of soap).
4|5  ‘Found of to be of to little weight’ - 1995 (Tar and feathers, a guiltily wardrobe).
6  ‘Cultural revolution’ –  (A starling scull and bone cut out of soap on a plate of soap).
7|8|9  ‘What you give is what you get’ –  2001 (self-made boomerangs).
10|11  ‘Wordot’ –  2001  W 1.70 x H. 0.60m | Showcase: 2m x 2m x 0.5m
(A polyester word without a meaning. This way you just have too look at the image).
Material : Blue and white coloured polyester. Like a mobile hang from the ceiling with fish thread. A sculptured word overgrown by pox. The word has no specefic meaning. So one can look and interprete without the limitations of inhereted meaning.
12  ‘Earthly Delights’ - 1998 (Concreet light sculptures)