Arjen Lancel

Artist and Curator

AL in De Nederlandsche Bank

  • Location:
  • De Nederlandsche Bank - Amsterdam
  • Date:
  • 2003
  • Material:
  • 9 showcases with schulptures of soap, tar and feathers, polyester barnacles and words, plastic bags, paint brushes with cathedrals.
  • Size:
  • 2m x 2m x 0.5 m.

Solo in the meeting hall of the National Bank of the Netherlands.
The sculptures are placed in such way they got an extra meaning when placed in a show-case. Connotation: as if the exhibition could be a collection of ethnological artifacts and objects of natural history.
From left to right:
1  ‘Nostalgia and the task of the artist’,
2  ‘Pinocchio the Elder’, black rubber nose moves by the fan.
3  ‘Fracture’: Soap bones.
4|5  ‘Found of to be of to little weight’: Tar and feathers, a guiltily wardrobe.
6  ‘Cultural revolution’: A starling scull and bone cut out of soap.
7|8|9  ‘What you give is what you get’self-made boomerangs.
10|11  ‘Wordot’: word without a meaning only refering. So one can look and interprete without the limitations of inhereted meaning.
12  ‘Earthly Delights’ - Concreet light sculptures