Arjen Lancel

Artist and Curator


  • Location:
  • Kunsthal, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Date:
  • 1996
  • Material:
  • Upstairs - 300 leaking rubber boots, filled with water, dripping systeem. Downstairs - meeting table, made out of loam.
  • Size:
  • Height: 15 m, wide: 4.50 m. 2 floors

Een lekkage in de Kunsthal, Rotterdam. 150 paar laarzen druppelen water door een roostervloer op een lemen beeld, een verdieping beneden.

A large group of visitors  or 150 pairs of boots filled with water are leaking water through a metal grate-floor on a meeting table,  made out of loam. The leaking slowly transforms the loam- sculpture downstairs into a delta landscape.
Looking up through the grate floor ceiling one can see a crowd of boots . The installation downstairs is placed in a large water-bassin.
The large grate-floor in the Kunsthal, notorious for  its transparent construction, was the inspiration for the leakage.
In collaboration with: Jean Bernard Koeman.